Speaker: Bill Gothard

ASL Basic Seminar Session 08: How to Transform Irritations

The Principle of Ownership Learning how to transform irritations Using sources of irritation for character development Removing the cause of anger Identifying situations which make us angry Listing our personal rights Yielding rights Fulfilling responsibilities Balancing expectations Being grateful for privileges Detecting unyielded rights Entering the role of stewardship (Chalk talk)

ASL Basic Seminar Session 07: Dealing with Hurts / Keys to Forgiveness

The Principle of Suffering Overcoming bitterness with forgiveness Understanding the root of bitterness Taking up an offense Judging vs restoring (Steps of disloyalty) Identifying physical and emotional consequences Repenting of temporal values Thanking God for offenses Investing in offenders Discerning God’s purpose through suffering

ASL Basic Seminar Session 06: Steps to Gain a Clear Conscience

The Principle of Responsibility Gaining a clear conscience rather than balancing guilt and blame Listing offenses Purposing to ask for forgiveness Harmonizing birth order tendencies Confessing the basic offense Preparing the right wording Choosing the appropriate method Understanding refusal to forgive, if it comes Identifying misplaced conviction

ASL Basic Seminar Session 05: How to Make a Wise Appeal

How to Work Within Structures of Authority Gaining faith through understanding authority Cooperating with God’s “chain of command” Appealing based on Scriptural conviction Checking our character Fulfilling known wishes Discerning goals and intentions Designing a creative alternative Presenting an appeal with our authorities’ reputation in mind Waiting on God while under pressure Suffering, if necessary, for refusing to do wrong

ASL Basic Seminar Session 04: How to Relate to Four Authorities

The Principle of Authority Discerning God’s guidance Arranging myself under structures of authority Cooperating with God-given authorities to develop character Defining roles of the husband and wife in marriage Growing in four required attitudes Conquering fear and worry

ASL Basic Seminar Session 02: How to Overcome Self-Rejection

The Principle of Design Understanding the cause of inferiority Accepting our ten unchangeables (including physical features) Learning inward character as the basis of true happiness (Matthew 5) Seeing “defects” as “marks of ownership”

ASL Basic Seminar Session 01: How to Trace Problems to Root Causes

A “New” Approach to Life! Distinguishing the wisdom of Scripture from intellectual knowledge, natural inclinations or humanism Understanding grace and faith from God’s perspective Tracing surface conflicts to root causes (cause and effect relationships) Responding to enemies  Maturing as a Christian Discovering how to study and apply the principles of God’s Word

Basic Seminar Session 19: Genuine Love

How to Share a New Approach to Life Becoming a channel of God’s genuine love Implementing principles of child discipline Giving a warning at first offense, correction at second offense Understanding social change Becoming a part of revival by remaining loyal to truth

Basic Seminar Session 18: Requirement for Total Marriage

How to Find God’s Best for Friendships Distinguishing four levels of friendship Choosing friends and knowing how to stand alone Fulfilling the requirements of a total marriage Establishing communication between fathers and daughters Discerning God’s will for a life partner Avoiding the conflicts caused by defrauding